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    • Why does the library put the barcode on the back of paperback books and audiovisual materials such as Books on CD, CDs, DVDs, etc.? 

      • This is a problem as it covers up the content information on the back.
        When the library first moved to a barcode circulation system in the early 1990s a decision had to be made where to put the barcode.
      • There were pros and cons regarding barcode placement on the books and the decision was to put the barcode on the back so as not to cover information on the front (title/author). For efficient circulation all items have barcodes placed in the same location.
      • We apologize for the inconvenience to our patrons and appreciate their understanding and hope in future to migrate to a newer circulation technology that no longer requires a library barcode on materials.
      • Visit or contact a library branch 
      • Edit existing information such as an address, phone number or email address in the My Account section in the catalog.
        • Under My Account, view the My Information section to make edits. Click/tap the Submit Change Request button.

      NOTE: This option is currently unavailable within the mobile app.

    • Option 1 - Apply for a full-service account by visiting a library branch.

      • Please bring proof of identification.
      • Parent/guardian present to acquire card for anyone under 18 yrs of age.

      Option 2 - Applying for an online account.

      By submitting the online application, you agree that you are 18 years or older and that you do meet the eligibility requirement for receiving a library account and the cardholder agrees to comply with all library rules and policies.” 

      To upgrade to a full-service account, receive a physical library card, to check out and place holds on physical items, visit a local library branch with proof of identification.

      Need more information about library cards? Details.

    • Full service library accounts expire every two years so that we may have the most current information (ex: phone number, address and email address) on file.


      • Expiration dates for temporary cardholders is 3 months.
      • Online user accounts expiration dates vary. Expiration dates vary from every 3 months to annually, depending upon your card number.
        • Please contact library staff or Live Chat for assistance.
      • Libraries Southwest cardholders must contact home library for details.
      • Mobile users (OverDrive) expire in 1 year with no renewals.

      Outstanding Balances

      • Balances must be paid before accounts can be renewed or items can be checked out. This includes both physical and electronic material.
      • All linked, associated accounts must be clear of fines as well. 
      • Outstanding fine balances may be paid using the online pay service.
      • Blocked and Barred users must visit a local branch to clear up the account. 

      Renew Your Account

      • Due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures, users may renew their library account over the phone, through LIVE CHAT, or visit a library.
      • Staff will need to verify that all information in your account is up-to-date.
      • If visiting a library branch, please provide proof of address.
    • This service is offered at the library. For more details, please contact the following library locations. 

      Central Library (301 W. Claude Street, Lake Charles, LA (337) 721-7116
      Moss Bluff Library (261 Parish Road, Lake Charles, LA (337) 721-7128
      Sulphur Regional Library (1160 Cypress St., Sulphur, LA (337) 721-7141
      You may also check availability at other locations.

    • Did you find the item that you paid for and now need a refund?